Why use Time's Synchronised Clock Systems?

All our synchronised clocks can be controlled via our master clocks which use a Time Distribution System. These can also control other systems like heating, lighting and Bodet Time's Bell System which can quickly reduce costs in your organisation.

The Bodet Time group has over 35,000 satisfied customers, a 150 year history and a strong international reputation. It prides itself on delivering tailored solutions for each individual customer coupled with excellent customer service and support. We provide systems for a wide range of sectors, including schools, financial services, healthcare, factory and industrial, transport and sports centres. If we can provide any further information on synchronised clocks please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a clock system ?

A Time clock system enables all Time clocks on the same premises to be synchronised. This is achieved via a Time masterclock.The synchronisation of clocks ensures that organisations can run on time. This is particularly helpful in the educational, health, healthcare, and logistics environment.

Time offers several types of Clock Systems. With every clock and networked device across your organisation displaying exactly the same accurate time, you increase efficiency. The automatic Summer / Winter changeover also means a reduction in maintenance costs. Choose From Wired Clock Systems & Wireless Clock Systems And Time Servers to suit your needs.

How many types of time clocks are there ?

There are different types of time clocks, including manual time clocks, digital time clocks, and software time clocks. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Analogue time clocks:
    These are the most popular type of time clock used to track time. They are typically very affordable and easy to use. Bodet Time offers a range of analogue faces and movements. Movements enable the clocks to either move on minute by minute or by providing a sweeping second hand.
  • Digital time clocks:
    Using digital displays to show time. They can be programmed with different settings, such as shift times, breaks, and overtime.

Key benefits of Time's Clocks and Clock Systems

  • Synchronised time across your organisation.
  • Improved workforce efficiency.
  • Ability to link to Time's synchronised Class Change System.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through automatic updates.
  • Control over other systems such as heating and lighting.
  • Easy to set up and use.