Company's Quality Policy

Our Company S.P. Securiton Alarm Systems Ltd is engaged in the import, sale, installation, consolidation and after-sales services of security systems.

Our aim is to provide products and services that meet customer requirements and are suitable for the proposed use. This is achieved by:

Using necessary equipment, properly maintained.
Involvement of appropriately trained and experienced personnel.
Implementation of a quality control system.
Implementation of a corrective action system
Monitoring of the market and technological developments
Implementation of relevant legislation and other requirements

We also aim to continuously improve our customer service by offering quality products and services. The company is committed to the implementation of legal and other requirements relating to its operation and product.

Our Company implements a registered quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for processes related to the import, sale, installation, integration and after-sales maintenance of security systems. The overall responsibility for the implementation of this system is held by the Management Representative in cooperation with the Assistant Management Representative.

The company understands the external and internal issues that can negatively or positively impact the company's performance and understands the needs and expectations of stakeholders. It also understands, assesses and addresses threats and seizes opportunities that affect the company's performance and enhances leadership and commitment to quality management issues.

In order to ensure the satisfaction of the objectives set, the company applies a measurement and analysis system based on criteria relating to operations, product/service quality and customer satisfaction.

All personnel have been made aware of the company's quality policy and have been properly trained in the implementation of the quality system and each person is responsible for its effective implementation in his/her area of work.

The management of the company is committed to monitor and support the staff with all necessary means to maximize the effort to achieve the company's quality objectives as stated in this policy.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically to clarify its appropriateness and to provide the basis for continuous improvement of the quality management system.