WINMAG PLUS by Honeywell Security is a PC based management system, a technology specifically designed to meet high security, integration, workflows for integrators and end users. WINMAG plus manages and controls the following applications under one common interface: Intrusion, Fire, Video, Access control, Rescue route technology, Escape door control, Building management systems, Public address and Voice evacuation, Open Technology such as OPC and BACNET, HTML

WINMAG plus v6.2 sets new standards in functionality, flexibility and quality. The large installed base around the globe demonstrates its outstanding quality and high customer satisfaction

Messages are displayed graphically in 2D / 3D and in text form. Due to the open system architecture and customization abilities WINMAG plus adapts dynamically to changes in a connected system. WINMAG plus is a highly scalable solution, and existing options can be easily expanded to include, for example, access control or video. The integration of an existing or planned building management system including analogue values can be easily implemented with WINMAG plus. Already existing security systems by other manufacturers can be seamlessly integrated into WINMAG plus. When the network and the requirements grow, WINMAG plus can be expanded to accommodate them. This ensures that you are investing in a reliable system for the future. A reliable and effective alarm management system is an absolute necessity in the industrial and public sector.

Features & Benefits:
  • Modular designed alarm management software for security
  • Visualization of messages
  • Direct control of connected hardware in the network
  • Workflow management for security guards
  • Individual assignment of user rights
  • Integrated simulation functions
  • Comprehensive recording of events and operations
  • Automated report generation
  • Unique in the market by displaying and interacting with 3D models
  • Seamless integration with existing Third Party systems, and easy future additions