PROINERT® Inert Gas Fire Protection System

Cost-Effective Inert Gas Fire Protection

Fike’s PROINERT2 is the safest, most economical natural fire protection solution available in inert gases IG-55, IG-541, IG-100 or IG-01.

Inert gas fire suppression systems are the safe, natural way to extinguish a fire. Because of its unique patented valve assembly, Fike’s PROINERT® agent enters the protected room within the industry required 60 seconds but at a steady flow rate — preventing destructive turbulence from occurring. This constant flow rate allows for the use of small-diameter, low pressure (and less expensive) piping from the inert gas container all the way to the nozzle. And, the necessary venting area is much smaller — reducing installation costs by as much as 60% on venting hardware.


Comprehensive Inert Gas Fire Suppression Options

To safely protect applications with inert gas fire suppression solutions, PROINERT2 is available in the following configurations:

  • IG-55 Fire Suppression System: 5N2 5Ar
  • IG-541 Fire Suppression System: 5N2 4Ar 1CO2
  • IG-100 Fire Suppression System: 1N2 100 percent
  • IG-01 Fire Suppression System: 1Ar 100 percent

300 Bar Now Available — Save Money and Valuable Space

U.S. PROINERT systems, previously available in 150 and 200 bar cylinders, are now available with PROINERT2‘s 300 bar gaseous fire protection technology. That means more inert gas in each PROINERT2 cylinder, reducing the number of cylinders and accessory equipment necessary. In addition to a sizable reduction in system cost, fewer cylinders translates into an inert gas fire protection solution that takes less valuable space.

PROINERT2 Inert Gas Fire Suppression 200 BAR vs. 300 BAR

  • Less equipment/cylinders
  • Smaller system footprint
  • High cylinder pressure
  • Same low manifold and piping pressure as 200 bar
  • No change in constant rate discharge
  • No change in room pressure venting requirements

PROINERT2 Inert Gas Fire Protection System

Improved Actuation: The Universal Valve Operator (UVO) provides for a simplified, more efficient system that requires less pneumatic actuators, hoses and fittings. Fewer parts means a more reliable system at a fraction of the cost. Larger systems can also be expanded easily and less expensively with Fike’s new pneumatic relay.

Unlimited Elevated Pipe Runs: With PROINERT2, piping runs are unlimited. Locate your PROINERT2 system in the basement, the top floor or anyplace in between for effective protection and use of out-of-the-way storage spaces.

Expanded Nozzle Options = Improved Coverage: PROINERT2 now offers new nozzles and expanded sizes for increased engineering design options. Fike’s standard 360° nozzle is now available in multiple sizes and PROINERT2 offers a 180° nozzle for placement closer to walls and other obstacles. More choices mean greater design flexibility and area coverage.

PROINERT2 by Fike — Inert Gas Discharge Pressure Demonstration

The PROINERT2 fire suppression system is 100% natural, chemical-free and has ZERO global warming potential. This environmentally safe fire suppression system includes a unique patented valve assembly which results in a safer discharge and reduces installation cost by as much as 60%.