FIREscape Nepto is the latest generation of intelligent, self-testing and self- monitoring emergency lighting system from Japanese life safety manufacturer, Hochiki.


This unique, cost effective and fully compliant emergency lighting system is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel and features addressable, self-contained LED luminaires and exit signs.

These are connected via screened, extra-low voltage (40V) cabling, each with their own intelligent back-up batteries, which can power the devices for the mandatory three-hour duration (as prescribed in BS 5266) in the event of a power failure. 

Its extra-low operating voltage together with its ability to continually self-test and monitor itself makes installation and maintenance of the system quick, easy and less costly compared to central battery or mains-powered systems.


The flexibility of the FIREscape Nepto range means the system can be designed and configured for any installation. The Nepto control panels can also be networked to protect large, multiple building sites, all from a central point of control.
An extensive range of luminaires consisting of standard, high-powered and recessed complements a full suite of directional, fully BS EN ISO 7010 compliant exit signs to provide emergency lighting to any environment.
Photometric data for the FIREscape Nepto units has been third-party approved and verified enabling the installer to design an aesthetically pleasing emergency lighting system which meets all legislative requirements, for building-owner’s total peace of mind.
The range also includes a variety of accessories, including an I/O unit and a common luminaire/exit sign mounting base.

FIREscape Nepto is a fully monitored, self-testing system with addressable devices. The system’s control panel continuously monitors the status of the luminaires and exit signs. If there is an uncharged battery or device fault, the system will quickly locate and identify the problem, therefore making maintenance quick and easy. Plus, completed test reports are stored in the memory of the panel and can be printed for end-user records, as required by EN 50172.

The panel is connected to the mains power to monitor for failure, however, the cabling that runs between devices is extra low voltage (40V). This means that the majority of installation and maintenance does not have to be carried out by a qualified electrical engineer, drastically reducing labour costs.

                           FEATURE RICH
FIREscape Nepto is a feature rich system with adjustable lighting levels, an intuitive graphics package, bi-coloured status LEDs, day and night modes, and the ability to program units as maintained or non-maintained. The wide variety of system features and product accessories, not only helps to make installation simple, but also enables the installer to provide a flexible and cost-effective solution tailored to the requirements of the building and building owner.

                         COST EFFECTIVE

FIREscape Nepto has been designed to reduce total cost of ownership. The extra low voltage cabling, central monitoring, simple installation and hassle-free maintenance, reduces labour costs. Plus, the LED luminaires save money on lamp replacement costs, battery replacement and energy efficiency. Over the total life of the system, a building owner can expect to save tens of thousands of pounds compared to traditional systems.

Each panel can have two lighting lines with up to 127 devices per line, and up to 12 FIREscape Nepto panels can be networked together.


With an additional gateway card, a FIREscape Nepto system will be able to  be monitored and interrogated live and remotely through a simple web browser interface.  Email notifications will then be sent to report faults and alerts and system reports can be accessed/downloaded.  This feature will be available later in 2023.

                           INTEGRATION WITH BMS AND GRAPHICS
When used in conjunction with third party software, FIREscape Nepto can be connected to a Building Management System or a graphics package. Having remote central control helps building management to increase staff productivity, manage maintenance more efficiently, and effectively monitor energy consumption. Central control is particularly beneficial when working on a large or complex site.

                          ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY
FIREscape Nepto’s standard LED luminaires consume less than 0.5 W when charging. Once the units are fully charged they only consume 0.1 W. Even the high-power luminaires consume less than 0.2 W when fully charged. A similar 8W fluorescent light will typically consume 12 W. Lower energy consumption directly correlates with lower CO2e emissions; giving the building owner a greener and more cost-effective solution.

                         FULLY COMPLIANT

All luminaires are certified to BS EN 60598-2-22, BS EN 62034 TYPE PERC. All exit signs are BS EN ISO 7010 compliant, and the full system meets the requirements of BS EN 5266. All photometric data and energy efficiency calculations have been verified by third parties and can be found in our FIREscape Nepto catalogue. Third party approvals confirm that FIREscape Nepto is a high-quality system that will not fail in an emergency, giving building-owners total peace of mind.