The Award Winning Enforcer is a wireless system that includes a control panel (Enforcer 32-WE), integrated keypad and a variety of wireless devices which all use the Pyronix two way wireless technology. Each wireless device on the Enforcer, including keyfobs, is a transmitter and a receiver, allowing the implementation of the following technologies:

- Instant Two way Device Control (ITDC)
- Signal Strength Indicator (SSI)
- Pyronix High Security two way wireless data encryption Protocol (TDE)
- Programmable wireless supervision time
- Pyronix intelligent jamming detection

The compact nature of the control panel make it ideal for discreet installations where space is limited, and because no wires need to trail around the premises, the installation time is greatly reduced.

The 868MHz band has been reserved for security alarms so there will be no interference from your surroundings affecting the security and reliability of the Enforcer system.

Get superior protection with Enforcer two-way wireless technology 

Enforcer two-way wireless technology gives you a highly secure, flexible security system.

The two-way wireless keyfob allows you to arm/disarm the system (with visual indication of alarm, faults and system status), and to control wired automation outputs.

Advanced jamming detection with frequency hopping technology is used to prevent accidental or malicious attempts to disrupt the system.

128 bit wireless protocol encryption ensures effective anti-code grabbing and multiple attempts at message delivery. This gives a very high level of protection over the wireless bus, ensuring you have peace of mind that your system is safe and secure.