Galaxy® Dimension Dimension security range has innovative intrusion and door control systems to protect commercial and high-end residential premises. User-friendly and cost effective, the systems provide a wealth of features including wireless options and remote management tools for security managers


Galaxy Dimension GD-520 control panel is a complete security solution, detecting intrusion and providing door control for mid to large installations. It has a PSTN Dialler and can be wired, wireless or both.


  • Up to 520 zones
  • Up to 64 doors controlled
  • Protecting up to 32 groups
  • Up to 1000 users
  • Users can be managed automatically and remotely in up to 5 Galaxy panels with WIN-PAK for Galaxy
  • Events can be identified instantly using realistic floorplans with WIN-PAK for Galaxy.
  • Up to 67 weekly schedules available
  • Up to 32 yearly holiday schedules
  • Door access controlled by access templates and group set status
  • Areas behind a door can be unset automatically via card reader
  • Access event log with 1000 events recorded in panel (separate intruder log)
  • GPRS, Ethernet, PSTN, USB communications options
  • Groups can be set via door control readers
  • Evacuation control will allow doors to unlock in the event of fire
  • Up to 32 audio verification channels
  • Multi-language interface
  • The Galaxy Dimension range has been independently tested and is compliant to EN50131-3:2009, EN50131-6:2008, PD6662:2010
  • Compatible with all wiegand readers
  • Up to 8 wireless interface modules (RF portals)
  • Up to 192 wireless zones
  • Up to 100 key fobs
  • Full bi-directional agile routing (patented technology)
  • Full range of wired and wireless intrusion and environmental detectors

 GX Remote Control mobile app

GX Remote Control mobile app allows users to access their Galaxy Dimension and Galaxy Flex systems remotely, anytime, anywhere. Free to download and use, it provides one app for all your security and home/business automation systems.

  • Fast & simple to use with secure 10 second login and single touch event history
  • Easy to learn and operate with intuitive interface and built-in help guide
  • Easily manage up to 20 sites from a single smart device plus customize groups

Output control allows users to control electrical systems ranging from heating and air-conditioning, to lighting and gate control via the App. Users can control these systems remotely enabling remote home & business automation from any smart device.