Welcome to Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

From the Door to the Desktop (and Everywhere in Between)

Employee badge in Apple Wallet combines the security and expertise of HID, the world leader in identity and access, and Apple Wallet, which has already transformed payments, transit, tickets, citizen IDs — and now, workplace access.
This collaboration allows businesses to offer a sophisticated, remarkable workplace experience that attracts and retains employees and tenants with:

• Highly secure, convenient identification and authentication technology utilizing the secure element built into the phone
• Improved adoption, thanks to the familiar Apple Wallet user experience
• Reduced operating time and cost through OTA provisioning

How It Works
Employee badge in Apple Wallet uses contactless NFC technology to authenticate in less than a second for swift and secure access. Apple users experience the same reliable, consistent “tap” transactions they’re already familiar with — at work.

 Efficiency and Security

Starts at the Front Door

Securing a building’s physical perimeter is often the first step to creating a safe and healthy workplace, as organizations need to know who is accessing their buildings and when. Flexible and hybrid work schedules can actually make physical security even more challenging — without consistent schedules, employees, visitors and contractors are now coming and going at random and sporadic hours that building security can’t properly prepare for.
A forgotten badge or entrance code can cause significant security headaches and employee inconvenience, but with employee badge in Apple Wallet, the user’s credential is stored right on their iPhone or Apple Watch — a device they’re unlikely to lose, lend or forget. With a flick of the wrist or the wave of a phone, employee badge in Apple Wallet grants instant and secure building access.
Did You Know?
Self-enrollment is a snap
Self-provisioning with employee badge in Apple Wallet is easy:
Step 1: The user logs into the company’s mobile app with single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.
Step 2: They add their employee badge to Apple Wallet by tapping “Add to Apple Wallet,” and they’re ready to access everything they need!

Make Turnstiles Timely

Goodbye, bottlenecks! Turnstiles are a much-needed security step but can quickly lead to frustration when several users are waiting to pass through.However, employee badge in Apple Wallet is picked up by the reader astonishingly fast, for a near-instant read that allows authorized users to safely flow through.
Its contactless operation is also sanitary — no need to insert a badge or temporary sticker; instead, users display their badge on their iPhone or Apple Watch and pass right through.
Did You Know?
Employees can use their iPhone or Apple Watch to pass through without pausing.
With Express Mode, you don’t need to wake or unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch to use your badge in Apple Wallet.

Prevent Print-Related Breaches

It happens all the time — an employee prints a sensitive document intending to retrieve it immediately, only to get sidetracked on the way to the printer. That document is then up for grabs. It’s such a common scenario that 64% of global organizations in 2020 reported data loss from unsecured printing. Even non-confidential print jobs can be problematic, since many documents are printed and forgotten,leading to massive waste.

Secure printing can be cumbersome if not set up with user convenience in mind. Secure printers hold print jobs until the user is physically at the machine to release them, either with a credential, a password or a PIN. Unfortunately, all of these are frequently lost or forgotten. With employee badge in Apple Wallet, there are no PINs and passwords to remember, or credentials to keep track of — users just access the badge safely stored in their Apple Wallet to release print jobs on any company printer, at any location.

Limit Floor and Elevator Access
Many buildings need physical security beyond the building’s perimeter, especially multi-tenant complexes and organizations with secure areas.
Employee badge in Apple Wallet lets management grant authorized users access to certain floors and elevators, while restricting others. For example, a user might have access to the building’s lobby and cafeteria, as well as their own office floor — but be unable to enter any other floors or restricted areas. They’re easily able to get everywhere they need to be and nowhere they don’t — all with the same iPhone or Apple Watch they use to enter the building, place calls and check email.

Did You Know?
No power? No problem.
With power reserve enabled, employee badge in Apple Wallet works even when iPhone needs to be charged. In fact, users can access their employee badge for up to five hours after the device’s battery’s charge is gone.

 Defend Desktops and Digital Data
Whether at the office or working remotely, single sign-on (SSO) allows employees to sign in once and be able to access their digital world, from desktops to networks to data. Many systems use passwords to authenticate users, but those passwords can be compromised — after all, people have dozens of passwords to dozens of systems, and tend to reuse the same ones. If one system is breached, every other system is vulnerable.
Employee badge in Apple Wallet lets the user access hot desks, laptops, networks and data without passwords, using just their iPhone or Apple Watch. This level of security and ease is crucial in our modern work-fromhome and hybrid office world, and for every organization concerned about thwarting cyber criminals.

Safeguard Secure Areas

Employee badge in Apple Wallet can be used to access nearly anything,including spaces that historically have old fashioned or cumbersome means of access, like:
• Restricted wings
• Data centers
• Offices
• Lockers
• Supply closets
For the most secure spaces, organizations can implement terminal requested authentication (TRA), where the reader will require a second factor (like a biometric) before allowing entry.

Did You Know?
The Dangers of Door Propping
A propped door isn’t just an invitation to bad actors who can easily slip in undetected. It also poses a real fire safety risk, as flames can pass from area to area, unimpeded by fire doors. Airborne bacteria and viruses can also pass through these openings, exposing more people to pathogens. It’s easy to see why someone would prop open an internal door either because they forgot their key card or didn’t want to bother grabbing it. No one is likely to leave their iPhone or Apple Watch at their desk, however — and since they already have the key and reentry is easy, they’re unlikely to prop.

Track Time and Attendance
More Accurately
Between buddy punching, time padding and unrecorded work activities,inaccurate time keeping costs employers in the U.S. alone over $11 billion each year.
Clocking in and out with employee badge in Apple Wallet ensures accurate time keeping and provides nearly irrefutable proof-of-presence that both employees and employers appreciate. And of course, it makes clocking in and out easy, accurate and convenient.

Did You Know?
Privacy is Premium
When employees use their Apple device to access a building, a network or even their time clock, that data stays on their device — completely
Even Apple doesn’t have access to this data.

Reimagine IDs
With Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Employee badge in Apple Wallet is a new way HID customers are accessing everything they need to work productively.
End Users Enjoy:

  • The familiar Apple experience
  • Simple self provisioning
  • Power reserve on iPhone for anytime access
  • No extra credential to carry (or forget!)
  • Reduced wait times at crowded access points

 Organizations Appreciate:

  • Operational efficiency through automation
  • Integration with existing systems
  • High adoption rates
  • Simple management and provisioning
  • Increased security

 Employee badge in Apple Wallet is a remarkable, seemingly magical experience that is easy, secure, private and tightly integrated to the HID solutions businesses already use. It just works — and works in many ways.