Public Address / Voice Evacuation System MX-3000

Combined highly integrated voice evacuation, public address and BGM system.

Security is an important issue more than ever. TOA's VX-3000 is a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system certified on the European Standard EN 54-16. It combines many functions for PA/VA applications in one unit frame. The low number of system components makes the design and installation easy, saving space and reducing cable complexity. This enables a rapid system configuration reducing the assembling cost.

Three different 19-inch frames with different output types, a wall-mount unit and modular class D amplifiers with three different power ratings make the system flexible and allow for a configuration matching exactly with the user’s requirements. Furthermore, it succeeds with its energy efficiency and low operating costs, by using low loss class-D amplifiers and modern power supply technology.

Thanks to its flexible and scalable system architecture the VX-3000 system can be used for both small and large applications, with up to 1280 remote microphones, 1920 audio sources, 1024 internal messages and 2560 speaker lines, and 5760 control inputs and 2880 control outputs. The system can be installed both centralised as well as decentralised, while latter setup drastically reduces cabling costs. Different Ethernet switches provide a redundant network and a maximum distance between parts of the VA system of 30 km.

The automatic emergency announcements (pre-recorded messages) can be arranged in three phases, for example, broadcasting a hidden message first, then a warning and at the end an evacuation message. A phased evacuation can be set with 30 steps, that allows evacuating big complex buildings as tower blocks. A simultaneous broadcast of several warning and evacuation messages is possible. Emergency messages can also manually be assigned to broadcast areas by the emergency microphones.

Advantages of a Voice Alarm System ( VAS )

  • Giving people lucid directions when there is an emergency.
  • Pre-recorded messages can be chosen.
  • Priority handling for the microphone.
  • Complete control over the evacuation of a building or a staged evacuation: area-by-area, floor-by-floor, or multiple areas/floors at once, depending on the circumstance and the design of the building.
  • Supports effective routing of people away from danger and the dynamic issuance of instructions.
  • Battery-backed: In the case of a mains power outage, the system will still function.
  • Ambient noise sensing: Even if background noise levels rise, broadcasts will still be audible (the VA system can automatically adjust the broadcast's volume).