Case Study - Amara Hotel

The client

Securiton has 20 years long experience in building up Fire Detection for large scale projects to our island and abroad. When it comes to hotel facilities there are various considerations to take into account when designing a life considering safety system. The risk for human lives and property are high in hotel buildings, due to the heavy concentration of people and valuables, and to the often-combustible interior furnishings and fittings. These risks can be drastically reduced by taking appropriate fire protection measures.

Amara is a newly introduced hotel to Limassol city built to offer a living panoramic vision of the Mediterranean Sea. Is an ultra-deluxe five-star hotel masterpiece with 207 rooms offers a clear 180° panoramic view of the Med. The hotel provides carefully considered comforts that include a signature spa, restaurants run by Michelin-star featured chefs, an exclusive rooftop bar with breath-taking views, a grand Ballroom for special occasions and an impressive infinity-edge pool.

The goal for both the client and Securiton was to efficiently protect human lives, assets and the environment from the dangers and effects of fire, and to minimize material damages, operational interruptions, and the consequent loss of business. Fire safety was therefore a long-term investment that was carefully planned to ensure the continued success of the hotel.

Designing Fire System at Amara.

Securiton is certified by world class manufacturers, Hochiki & Advanced Electronics for the excellence in designing, installing, and supporting Fire Detection Systems for large scale projects and special applications. Our team of professionals are dedicated to deliver tailored and efficient solutions using to the maximum system’s technology and substance.

There were various considerations to take into account when designing life safety system for the hotel. The obligation to comply with local standards, code of practice and project contractors’ specifications required the coordination of the appropriate structural, technical, and organizational measures. Our co -operation with Stavros Demosthenous and SKP Soteriou the consultant of the project, lead to the capture of a fire protection concept which was the result of a methodical approach; making use of an array of measures to minimize the fire risk and achieve the specified protection objectives

Hochiki Europe supplied a range of products from its Enhanced Systems Protocol (ESP) range. This intelligent, addressable fire detection and alarm equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest international standards, so building owners can rest assured that all products installed are ultra-reliable.

Over 2000 sensors from Hochiki Europe’s ESP range were installed throughout the Amara Hotel on a peer-to-peer network installation with Advanced fire alarm panels. Using a combination of ACC-EN multi-sensors and ALN-EN smoke sensors, we were able to program the devices to suit the different environments within the hotel and their differing life safety considerations. This range of product is incredibly versatile and can be installed and networked in a way that works perfectly for each of these environments, ensuring optimum system monitoring across the entire building.

The challenges

The need to find solutions that match the different spaces and uses within the hotel, from restaurant kitchens and bars to bedrooms, public areas, and lounges, while also ensuring ease of installation, can proved challenging. Also due to the large-scale of the hotel complex a key requirement was a system with high-speed networking capabilities enabling instantaneous sharing of communications between panels.


In the event of a fire, however, alerting and evacuating all persons at risk and in good time has the highest priority. People in hotel guestrooms are very likely to be asleep and may also be wearing earplugs to help them sleep. All possible means should be used to maximize the probability of alerting such persons. These include the installation of Analogue Addressable Base Sounders (YBO-BS) to every single guestroom. YBO-BS is an addressable loop powered Base Sounder innovatively designed to give a range of tones and volumes with a maximum output of up to 98 dB(A) (±2 dB(A).

Hotel rooms are generally occupied by people who can easily rescue themselves in case of fire. However, hotel rooms are also occupied by people who may panic and those who are disabled and therefore unable to rescue themselves. These circumstances must be taken into consideration in the assessment of individual risks and in choosing the appropriate fire protection measures.

The results

Our team designed and installed a fire detection system capable of detecting a fire extremely early and virtually eliminate any danger of false alarms. In the hotel industry, false alarms are a major issue. It is critical to avoid such incidents, as they cause unnecessary disturbance to the hotel guests and are costly for the business and its reputation. Optimal product selection which are immune to deceptive phenomena such as steam, tobacco smoke or exhaust emissions eliminates false alarms.

In case of fire alarm detection, a sequence of automated actions is activated to minimize the danger to life and the damage to property. Output contacts are programmed to control other systems in order to activate air handling units, exhaust fands and fire curtains for allowing allows prompt initiation of countermeasures and possible evacuation before dangerous situations can develop.

We are proud that installed fire detection system at Amara is a long-term investment that ensure the continued success of the hotel! It’s a sophisticated installation, capable of virtually rule out unwanted alarms, detecting fire at early stage and minimizing any damage that may be caused.