New Go-to-Market Approach with friendlyway® for LobbyWorks® Kiosk

Honeywell is moving from a resale approach to a joint go-to-market relationship with manufacturer friendlyway® for the sale of the LobbyWorks® floor standing kiosk. friendlyway offers a complete family of kiosk designs to meet specific site and application needs. The company has been a world leader in kiosk technology since 1998 with more than 40,000 systems sold within all industries into over 75 countries.

This new arrangement will give you direct access to more kiosk hardware options. We're excited about having our installers work directly with friendlyway to ensure that you can tailor hardware solutions to meet your customers' needs when installing a LobbyWorks system.

Effective immediately, we have discontinued sales of LobbyWorks kiosk hardware part# LWVMSISK. Instead, orders may be placed directly with friendlyway. friendlyway offers 14 distinct kiosk models with a wide range of options.

For more information on LobbyWorks software, please contact your Honeywell representative.