Honeywell’s MAXPRO VMS (video management system) controls multiple sources of video subsystems to collect, manage and present video in a clear and concise manner. MAXPRO VMS intelligently determines the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing video management of analog or digital video devices through a unified configuration and viewer. The subsystems can be analog matrix switches or digital/network video recorders allowing both analog or digital input to be viewed on an analog or digital monitor. Users can benefit from using traditional analog systems and IP-network systems at the same time to ensure maximum use of their initial investments. These subsystems range from Honeywell matrix switchers, DVR/NVRs and 3rd party systems.

MAXPRO VMS supports emerging technologies in the industry, like 4K resolution, H.265 video compression codec, multi-imager cameras and fisheye cameras. Customers can fully utilize the advantages of superb video quality with 4 times the details over 1080p HD, 30%~40% less storage expense (when compared to H.264 compression), and seamless 180° and 360° surrounding surveillance. Furthermore, MAXPRO supports the native integration with Honeywell equIP® series IP cameras. The advanced camera features, like “Click & drag” 3D PTZ control and intelligence events, help surveillance operators to efficiently protect people, property and services.

MAXPRO has database redundant and 1+1/N+M NVR failover features for unforeseen/maintenance scenarios in enterprise and critical infrastructure applications. Once there is a failure on NVR equipment, system database or network, the redundant and failover feature can continue to support the system functions with minimal interruption. Incidents will be reported in a system log for future auditing and reporting.

Control of MAXPRO VMS can be through a traditional joystick controller, mouse or even through third party interface. The extremely powerful rules engine (Macro’s) allows customization of the system to respond and control in the best possible manner for the application. MAXPRO VMS is highly scalable so users can easily expand their video surveillance network from small to medium single instances to enterprise level supporting thousands of devices. Additionally, MAXPRO VMS includes integration with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® security management system, Active Alert® and People Counter video analytics, as well as other Honeywell products and solutions. The feature-rich user interface truly offers a unified management platform across many disparate systems to further embody Honeywell’s concept of “Learn One, Know Them All.”

  • Feature-rich and user-friendly Client interface to view video from numerous different recorders from a single point
  • Role-based operator privileges
  • Web client option for simple, no license, no software install applications
  • Redundant server option increases system reliability
  • Operators can log on using their local language and the built-in messaging system allows operators to share video scenes via instant messages
  • Auto-discovery of cameras connected to supported recorders
  • An extremely powerful macro programming language is available to fully customize actions based on events
  • A single MAXPRO Server can support numerous recording sub systems (NVR/DVRs)
  • Remote monitor feature allows controlling all monitors from a single client (Monitor Wall control)
  • 1+1/N+M MAXPRO NVR failover and failback automatically or manually. View and playback on one client panel.
  • Surrounding cameras mode with presets, makes following subjects of interest simple and efficient by allowing the nearest camera of interest to be immediately in view
  • Honeywell H.265, multi-imager, thermal and explosion-proof camera support
  • Quick and responsive alarm actions can be initiated from the preview pane options
  • Incident management mode allows creating a single clip with multiple cameras at different times that can be played back sequentially or simultaneously through a salvo layout
  • Remote monitor mode allows sharing and controlling a remote monitor while still viewing locally
  • Ability to investigate events and alarms by simultaneously viewing alarm video at various stages. For every alarm, users can view the video captured during pre-alarm, on-alarm, post-alarm, and also view live video from the camera which triggered the alarm through a single 2x2 salvo.
  • Commentable bookmarks allow users to tag scenes of interest in the timeline to easily return to the scene with multiple cameras’ views.
  • Control any analog or digital monitor from a single workstation or joystick keyboard. Allows the system to be used as a true analog and digital matrix.
  • Innovative “One-Click” or “Mouse Drag” 3D PTZ control experience that does away with legacy PTZ controls of continuous clicking
  • Intelligence events from cameras can be viewed at the alarm panel and trigger event recording on MAXPRO NVRs for further investigation
  • 360° de-warping “spreads” the distorted fisheye image into natural panoramic and/or multiple tile views. Operators can view and focus on zones of interest on live and recorded video.
  • Honeywell Video analytics integration
  • Enriched video viewing experience through intuitive video rendering engine optimizes CPU utilization by altering the video frame rate and GPU rendering support for H.264 and H.265 decoding reduces the number of workstations needed for monitoring large sites with 30+ cameras
  • Search and find video through event view or timeline. Preview search allows viewing a snapshot at various times to quickly narrow the scene of interest.
  • Synchronous playback across MAXPRO NVRs for efficient crosssite investigation
  • Distributed architecture in the form of multiple MAXPRO servers in a Parent Child topology facilitates “Enterprise” style deployment
  • License Plate Recognition event management with HBL6GR2 for efficient vehicle management
  • Support for equIP camera multicast stream reduces camera loading and network loading with live view on multiple clients